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The Lay of the Land – Media Programs in Higher Education

The media are changing rapidly. Seismic shifts in audience, economics, and technology are shaking its very foundations. From this upheaval, a new media landscape is emerging.

Beyond just unraveling the mechanisms of this powerful cultural influence, the study of media provides practical economic benefits for universities, including jobs for graduates, revenue generation through commercialization, and economic development. Media industries need universities for the leadership and ideas that will drive growth and profitability.

What should universities do with, for, and about media? This report is the first step in an exploration to discover the future of media education.

"The Lay of the Land: Media Programs in Higher Education," is a survey of how univerisities teach and research media. The report details the university, where the media program is located, the dean, department head, or chair of that reporting unit, the departments and degree programs offered, as well as any additional institutes or special programs.

In addition to charting its structure, organization, and resources, each program was asked about the biggest challenge it faced.

Studying the lay of the land offers useful guideposts for navigating the tricky terrain of change.

Data from this report was collected between October 2010 and December 2011 by the New Media Institute at the University of Georgia.

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