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Train Paint


For years I’ve tried to tell folks about the trove of interesting sights on the tracks behind my house, but most people just want to know how I get any sleep with diesel locomotives screeching by 20 feet from my bedroom.

The train comes by a dozen or so times a day, every day. You can hear the whistle 7 miles away: two long, one short, one long.

I guess they just have to see what I’m talking about.

After watching thousands of interesting railcars hurtle past my back porch, I decided I needed a way to capture a few. Every train has something that warrants more than a blink: everything from full car art pieces, to scribbled tags, weathered logos, and miles of military surplus coming back home from The Port of Savannah, to the interesting people and animals that frequent the rails in between.

Train Paint is here for anyone who’s interested.


I’ve set a motion activated 8mp Bushnell Trophy Cam HD to take a burst of 3 pictures every 1 second with a 0.6-second trigger speed. The infrared sensor will pick up activity about sixty feet away.

Each week I comb through the pictures and post the most interesting ones for your enjoyment, with a crop and color correction here and there.

You can also follow @TrainPaint on Twitter. The account is automated to post 3 pictures every day.

Suggestions for improving @TrainPaint are welcome.

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