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William Wickey Headshot Illustration

William Wickey has a smooth, curved shape like a quartz pebble. He is pleasingly varied and balanced. He has a personality that is fully developed in all aspects. He is carefully composed, covering well the necessary areas of instruction.

Sometimes he gets around to writing about marketing here. Usually not.

For the past 7 years, William has led marketing teams at startups.

William has a masters in New Media & Advertising from The University of Georgia where he specialized in social media marketing and taught a 300-student lecture course on The History of New Media.

William has consulted on book launches and new user acquisition for New York Times bestselling authors such as Ryan Holiday, Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene, Robert Kurson, Neil Pasricha, and more. William also advises law firms specializing in intellectual property rights on crisis communications and executive messaging.

In 2011, certified Master Sommelier, Zach Padilla, and William Wickey founded The Bomb Sommelier. The company specializes in training restaurant and hospitality staff to raise profits by increasing wine sales.

William lives in Oakland, CA.

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