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Bridging The Gap: Account Based Marketing & Sales Strategy [eBook]


I recently teamed up with Brandon Redlinger, Head of Growth at PersistIQ, and Jeremy Boudinet, Director of Marketing at Ambition, to write an eBook about account based marketing and sales strategy.

This eBook is a primer on how B2B companies can bridge disconnects between marketing and sales departments when implementing an account based strategy.

  • “This eBook takes a massive topic, account based marketing and selling, and distills it into an actionable, digestible volume tailor-made for the modern B2B business leader.” -Max Altschuler Founder & CEO, SalesHacker
  • “This ebook does a fantastic job of covering the specific tactics most organization struggle with.” – Lars Nilsson, VP of Global Sales, Cloudera
  • “This e-book outlines numerous focus areas, tactics and best practices to accelerate the impact of your ABM efforts and demonstrate significantly greater marketing impact on sales and revenue in the months ahead.” – Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing
  • “This ebook gives a framework on how to be strategic and drive collaboration between Sales, Marketing and Account Management, which is crucial for success.” – John Barrows Sales Trainer, JBarrows

Download Bridging The Gap at accountbasedebook.com

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