The Cambridge Analytica Psychological Warfare Scare: Facebook Data For The Taking, Ads For The Making

'Whistblower’ Christopher Wylie of Cambridge Analytica came forward this week to discuss his firm’s role in creating “Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool”. (In the industry, we sometimes call them “advertisements”).

Interestingly, Wylie adapted his PhD work originally geared towards fashion trend forecasting to target millions of US Facebook users with political ads.

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The Significance of The Number 8 In Blood Meridian

Each time I read Blood Meridian, I notice a new theme or motif. Upon this close read, I was struck by the conspicuous use of the number eight in the text -- and the conspicuous absence of any mention of eight in A Reader’s Guide or any other analysis I am familiar with, so I thought the matter was worth a few notes.

Given the care with which McCarthy constructed the story from the historical account of the Glanton gang -- choosing to adhere to some historical facts and manipulating others to suit his purposes -- the repeated use of the number eight in Blood Median seems deliberate and significant.

[Content warning: Blood Meridian-level violence.]

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