The No.1 Reason Why Paid Ads Fail: Example Campaign Metrics

Content Warning: Speculative funnel metrics

Moz’s whiteboard video, “Why Paid Ads Fail”, concludes that most paid ads fail because brands are not known to their audience.

There's no trust, no recognition, and so the cost per click remains high and rising.

I see this dynamic play out at companies of all sizes, all the time, so here are some example campaign metrics to illustrate Rand Fishkin’s point in the 'Why Paid Ads Fail' episode of Whiteboard Friday.

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The Zen of John McPhee: Rising From The Plains

“Hollywood cannot resist the Tetons. If you have seen Western movies, you have seen the Tetons. They have appeared in the background of countless pictures, and must surely be the most tectonically active mountains on film, drifting about, as they will, from Canada to Mexico, and from Kansas nearly to the coast.” - John McPhee, Rising From The Plains

Rising from the Plains not only changed the way I look at the Wyoming landscape, but left with me a certainty that geological awareness is good for you.

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The Cambridge Analytica Psychological Warfare Scare: Facebook Data For The Taking, Ads For The Making

'Whistblower’ Christopher Wylie of Cambridge Analytica came forward this week to discuss his firm’s role in creating “Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool”. (In the industry, we sometimes call them “advertisements”).

Interestingly, Wylie adapted his PhD work originally geared towards fashion trend forecasting to target millions of US Facebook users with political ads.

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