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Tweeting Every New Article Added To Wikipedia: @NewOnWiki

NewOnWiki Wikipedia Twitter Bot: Tweeting Every New Article Added to Wikipedia

@NewOnWiki is a Twitter bot that tweets every new article added to Wikipedia.

(About 100 articles, give or take, are added every hour, so this is not a particularly feed-friendly bot.)

Sometimes simple is better.

Instead of building this bot with Glitch, or even CheapBotsDoneQuick, @NewOnWiki just uses an IFTTT recipe.

Wikipedia changes — including recent edits, new pages, watch lists, contributions, and more — can be monitored with RSS or Atom feeds, creating all sorts of bot-worthy opportunities. @congressedits is one such notable account. Here is a list of 90+ other Wikipedia twitter bots.

EDIT: While a potentially effective solution for lower-volume RSS-based Twitter bots, I switched from IFTTT to dlvr.it. IFTTT posts only about every 15 minutes. Their batching process resulted in missing entries for @NewOnWiki. Also, the IFTTT applet kept shutting off a result of high RSS entry volume. So far, dlvr.it has proved to be the better solution, and is equally simple to set up.

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